Hôtel Archamps Porte Sud de Genève

The breakfast

Sweet or savory, light or hearty, the breakfast buffet is open from 6:30 to 10:30 the week, and 7:00 to 10:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Teas, fresh pastries in the morning, local produce, homemade cakes: there's something for all appetites and tastes.

Range of products offered at breakfast buffet:

Regional products: Jambon sec de Savoie / sausage / Tomme de Savoie / Reblochon / Abundance
Hot beverages: filter coffee / espresso / coffee decaffeinated coffee / tea (6 varieties including green tea), hot chocolate, cold chocolate / hot skim milk or half cold / Cream
Fresh juice: Multi fruit / Orange / Apple Juice / Orange Pressed
Sausages: Cooked ham upper / Rosette / Chicken
Pastries: Croissants / Chocolate Bread / Bread Raisin
Bakery products: Brioche Trench / Cakes
Hot dish: Scrambled Eggs / Bacon & Sausage
Yogurt, cottage cheese: fruit yogurt / Nature / Cottage cheese / yogurt farmers
Cereals: original Cornflakes / Miel Pops / Coco pops
Cheese: Tomme / Reblochon / Abundance / Goat
Honey jams, spreads: Bitter Orange / Currant / Apricot / Strawberry / Honey / Nutella
Basket of fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit salad, compote: 3 different fruits, fresh fruit salad, dried apricots, figs, apple sauce
Butter: Butter President (soft) / butter ½ salt President
Bread: Baguette cereal / Country Baguette / Woodcutter
Bonus: Pancakes / Cakes home
Sugar: Sugar pieces / powder sugar / sweetener


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