Hôtel Archamps Porte Sud de Genève

Staying at the hotel Archamps Technopole, is the guarantee to discover the Haute Savoie and all its major sites for most of 30 minutes to 2 hours of your hotel.

Open spaces, hiking and rock climbing among the mass constituting the Monts de Genève, local products, cultural events, outdoor tourism and urban, discovery of Geneva and Switzerland, Girlfriend in Annecy, Chamonix-Mont Blanc in all the massive which the reputation, the richness and diversity of the Haute Savoie; all reasons to spend your next short stay in the heart of the French Genevois.

Are you more attracted to water sports, lakes Annecy, Geneva and Le Bourget offer a real range of activities. Otherwise, in 15 minutes from the Best Western, take advantage of the offer exceptional recreation PARC VITAM

The cultural activities of not missing! Permanent or event, you only have to choose from. Du Château Rouge program in Annemasse, in many shows of the Grand Théâtre de Genève, festivals Guitar Scene and The Medieval Andilly, you will have to schedule several visits, the seasons!

  • Airport: Come by plane
  • Train Station: Come by train
  • Casinos

    Casino d'Annemasse: http://www.casinoannemasse.com/

    Casino de Saint Julien en Genevois http://www.casino-saint-julien.com/

  • Château rouge

    Château Rouge won in twenty years as a center of performing arts Savoyard Geneva and French-Swiss border cultural links.

  • La Haute Savoie

    The area is open for walking and exceptional activities between 30 minutes and 2 hours around the hotel.

  • Grand Genève – Genevois Français – Annemasse – Les Voirons

    Link Tourist Office of Saint-Julien en Genevois.

    Link to Annemasse Tourist Office http://www.annemasse-tourisme.com/decouvrir

  • Le Grand théâtre de Genève

    The Grand Théâtre de Genève is the opera of the city. Since its provisional moving on the right bank, its productions are hosted at the Opera of Nations, in the area of international organizations. It gives performances of lyrical arts and dance, recitals and concerts which ensures quality at the Grand Theatre Swiss and international impact.

  • Sports and hiking - Outdoor activities

    Link Les Monts Geneva "Discover the most beautiful hiking and mountain activities in average massive Voirons, Salève and Vuache" http://www.monts-geneve.com/  

    Montagne du Salève http://www.bureaumontagnesaleve.com/

    Water park and multi-recreational Parc https://www.vitam.fr/

  • Genève & Suisse romande


    City "all in one" ideally located in the heart of Europe, Geneva offers a concentrated unforgettable experiences in a unique natural setting in the world.

    With its breathtaking panoramas, Geneva will surprise you in a thousand ways! The famous water jet to the famous Mont Blanc through the picturesque paths campaign, let yourself amaze by magical views also varied.

  • Chamonix

    The whole world is found in "Cham". In the streets of this "high-mountain town" you will hear every language.
    But this summit is a common spirit that enthusiasts of mountaineering, its legends and its ethics.

    In the heart of the city, between two shopping, look up: everywhere it's there. 4810 m of rock, snow, ice and dreams for all.

  • Les Grandes Médiévales d'Andilly

    Join the Great Medieval Andilly that take you 700 years back in time lords and maidens, noble knights and castles under siege ... See you on 27-28 May and June 2017 to celebrate 3-4-5 20 years of the Great Medieval Andilly!

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